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Connecting History : National 4 & 5 Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919-1939

Richardson Ella
ISBN/Cat.No: 9781398344723 ISBN-10: 1398344729 Title: Connecting History Subtitle: National 4 & 5 Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919-1939 Publisher: Hodder Gibson Format: Digital download and online Publication Status: Available Publication Date:
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Exam board: SQALevel: National 4 & 5Subject: HistoryFirst teaching: September 2017First assessment: Summer 2018Fresh stories, fresh scholarship and a fresh structure. Connecting History informs and empowers tomorrow's citizens, today.Bringing together lesser-told narratives, academic excellence, accessibility and a sharp focus on assessment success, this series provides a rich, relevant and representative History curriculum.> Connect the past to the present. Overarching themes of social justice, equality, change and power help students to understand the importance of events and issues, then and now.> Go far beyond other resources. With respect and aspiration for the transformative power of History, this series incorporates the latest research, challenges old interpretations and embeds diverse experiences throughout.> Follow a clear and consistent structure. The key issues in the N5 specification form the chapters in each book, and the c